Thursday, November 23, 2017

Judge Blocks Apartments Near Good Neighborhoods - A Thanksgiving Treat!

Happy Thanksgiving to us all! I'm thankful to be part of a group of people that will do anything to win and we're always winning! Bill Aleshire, bless his heart, sued the city to stop an already approved apartment complex near RM 2222 and Loop 360. We all know that west Austin is not the place where we want those types of people to live! Who cares if this was done on a technicality?! We won! We need to put up every road block we can to stop housing from being located near good neighborhoods. If they wanted to build these apartments in East Austin where those types of people want to live, then we wouldn't have needed to challenge this, but we can't have them in the neighborhoods where we live. Bless you Bill Aleshire and your handsome mustache!

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