Saturday, November 3, 2018

Vote FOR Prop J! Only Way to Get Us Some Pay!

There's no better way to protect the status quo than voting for Prop J! New urBANnists call Prop J, Prop JOKE, but that's not true! Prop J would make sure that nothing ever changes and that's great for the wealthiest of us that live in single family mansions! The last 10 years have been GREAT! No change needed! Our home values will continue to sky rocket and we'll be able to sell our homes when we turn 90 years old in 3 years for MILLIONS! We didn't even have to do anything to gain all of this enormous wealth except for making the young pay for it through their rent and because we were simply here FIRST. New urBANnists want to allow MOAR homes near us to address "affordability" and we say NO! Those dirty poors can go live somewhere else. Trump should allow immigrants into the country, but we don't want them near us! Gross. They can go to California or Manor where they are wanted.
Opinions expressed on this site are my own personal opinions and not officially associated with the "Austin Neighborhoods Council." Although, most of my opinions will probably be the same and I completely support everything that they do to keep undesirables out of our neighborhoods!