Saturday, October 28, 2017

Planning Commission Violating Austin City Charter

This is what we've been saying for years! Most commissions appointed by the city council are corrupt, but especially the planning commission! Who else would allow zoning changes to properties. They are just a bunch of well-heeled architects and even wealthier habitat for humanity employees that are paid by the real estate industry to change our neighborhoods into a bunch of apartment complexes under the guise of "affordable" housing! It's about time someone with money has stepped up to challenge these obvious violations that are destroying the fabric of our society!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Jeff Jack in Community Impact For Being Elected New Leader of ANC!

Jeffy Jack, as his friends call him, made it into a printed daily! The ANC membership unanimously elected him to represent ANC! ANC recently kicked out the Downtown Neighborhood Association and other members that didn't agree with Jeffy, which makes it a lot easier to be unanimous on all decisions that help the agenda of the ANC executive committee! Jeffy is proud he represents all of the true characteristics of the average Austinite with the best mix of age, income, race, ownership, and creed that our membership has to offer. He truly speaks for the oppressed who don't have a voice in this city!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Support Soccer Stadium to Prevent Public Land From Being Used For Housing!

Support Mayor Pro Tem Kathie Tovo in finding the largest tract of land in central Austin to use for a new soccer stadium! We all know that the worst use for any land is new housing and if we can get a soccer stadium to put on our public land we can prevent it from being used for housing forever! We don't know anyone that plays soccer, but maybe those people in East Austin enjoy this type of thing! However, it's better than having renters near us! Mayor Pro Tem Kathie Tovo understands real Austin values! Also, say no to Amazon that would only bring more people that our neighborhoods don't need!

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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Austin is not Calcutta!

Mary Ingle rightfully told the Zoning and Platting Commissioners that "Austin is not Calcutta," which is exactly what the city council wants to turn Austin into through #CodeWRECK! "Imagining so many brown people living so close together in one place" is horrifying! Are we supposed to live among a bunch of yurts and tent cities with trash piling up? We don't want to live around so many different people and they don't want to live around us. People want to live in places that are familiar and not a bunch of transients that might rent a place for a year and then move. You'd never get to know who your neighbors are! Not to mention the flooding caused by all of these "homes?!" Gross. Things are fine how they are. Neo Urbanists talk about an affordability crisis, but I paid off my mortgage 20 years ago. What housing crisis?! No one is stopping anyone else from doing the same thing! Maybe they should get better jobs if they can't afford a house. Millennials want everything handed to them like special snowflakes. We shouldn't be forced to live near transients and people that aren't like us just because millennials are lazy.

Friday, October 20, 2017

The Mayor is Fomenting Panic!

Community Not Commodity is right! The mayor is wrong! You should panic! This is not "irresponsible." The idea of having bars and other commercial enterprises next to neighborhoods is repulsive to think about. Where would all of the cars park? What about drunk driving? Would the children be safe?! Oh, the "new urbanists" think that people will walk everywhere, ride their "bikes," or take the "bus" with homeless people and transient students. WRONG! People drive cars! That's what our central Austin suburbs were setup for since the start. American way! Community Not Commodity is the group that's sticking up for the downtrodden! If you have to, take out a reverse mortgage and give to them and they will fight for you!


From: Amanda Boyd <>
Subject: Tuesday October 24th Rally!
Date: October 20, 2017 at 10:36:22 AM CDT

Dear Neighbors:

Are you “irresponsible” for being concerned about CodeNEXT? Mayor Steve Adler’s office seems to think so. His top aide recently tweeted that “[CodeNEXT] panic is explicable - panic being intentionally and irresponsibly fomented.”

The mayor’s office is wrong.

If you’re concerned (or even panicked) about bars popping up in your neighborhood, you aren’t acting irresponsibly. You’re standing up for your neighbors’ quality of life.

If you’re concerned (or even panicked) about your street becoming congested with twice as many cars, you aren’t acting irresponsibly. You’re trying to keep your surroundings safe.

If you’re concerned (or even panicked) about CodeNEXT driving up your property taxes and forcing middle-class families out of Austin, you aren’t acting irresponsibly. You’re committed to your community.

Let’s send the mayor and city council a message. First, download and sign our petition calling for a public vote on CodeNEXT. Then, bring your signed copy to our rally this coming Tuesday:

WHAT: Community Not Commodity’s “Surviving CodeNEXT” Rally
WHEN: Tuesday, October 24th, 5:30 – 8:00 PM
WHERE: Austin City Hall Plaza, 301 West 2

We’ll have speakers, music, and free food and drink. Wear black and tell the mayor and city council that our neighborhoods come first!

Thank you!

Opinions expressed on this site are my own personal opinions and not officially associated with the "Austin Neighborhoods Council." Although, most of my opinions will probably be the same and I completely support everything that they do to keep undesirables out of our neighborhoods!