Saturday, October 21, 2017

Austin is not Calcutta!

Mary Ingle rightfully told the Zoning and Platting Commissioners that "Austin is not Calcutta," which is exactly what the city council wants to turn Austin into through #CodeWRECK! "Imagining so many brown people living so close together in one place" is horrifying! Are we supposed to live among a bunch of yurts and tent cities with trash piling up? We don't want to live around so many different people and they don't want to live around us. People want to live in places that are familiar and not a bunch of transients that might rent a place for a year and then move. You'd never get to know who your neighbors are! Not to mention the flooding caused by all of these "homes?!" Gross. Things are fine how they are. Neo Urbanists talk about an affordability crisis, but I paid off my mortgage 20 years ago. What housing crisis?! No one is stopping anyone else from doing the same thing! Maybe they should get better jobs if they can't afford a house. Millennials want everything handed to them like special snowflakes. We shouldn't be forced to live near transients and people that aren't like us just because millennials are lazy.

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