Thursday, July 5, 2018

Our Friend Conservative Ken Paxton Helps Sue Austin To Fight Affordable Housing Slums!

Our friend, Ken Paxton, will help us stop the Austin City Council from forcing affordable housing slums into our neighborhoods under the guise of a conspiracy called CodeNEXT! We don't want slums with POOR PEOPLE AKA "affordable housing" in our good safe neighborhoods! The Planning Commission is a corrupt group of Habitat For Humanity volunteers that want to turn our neighborhoods into affordable housing slums! Ken Paxton is being harassed and people say that just because he's been indicted by a grand jury on felony charges of securities fraud and failing to register properly with the Texas state securities board that he's not a good person! He's helping us fight affordable housing in our neighborhoods and that makes him good!

Opinions expressed on this site are my own personal opinions and not officially associated with the "Austin Neighborhoods Council." Although, most of my opinions will probably be the same and I completely support everything that they do to keep undesirables out of our neighborhoods!