Friday, September 15, 2017

Habitat for Humanity is a Real Estate Front Group (Among Others!)

Community Not Commodity, one of the groups protecting us from the destruction that is CodeNEXT, pointed out (RIGHTLY!) that there are many groups in Austin that have been front groups for the real estate industry for a long time. They have so much power that they've taken control of all of the following groups! This should be concerning for everyone! You can see all of these front groups at the Evolve (Wreck)'s website in order to know what groups to stay away from! The tech industry could also be behind these groups.

Austin Habitat for Humanity
Ecology Action
Environment Texas
Bike Austin
Walk Austin
The Austin Justice Coalition
One Voice Central Texas
Austin Housing Coalition
Austin Music People (AMP)
Austin Tech Alliance
Austin Technology Council
Alliance for Public Transportation
College Houses
Congress for the New Urbanism Central Texas
Desegregate Austin
Downtown Austin Alliance

Friday, September 1, 2017


The Austin City Council and city staff continue to push their agenda on our neighborhoods by forcing more people to live in OUR neighborhoods. CodeNEXT mandates ALL houses in ALL neighborhoods be torn down within 5 years after CodeNEXT passes and replaced with duplexes or worse! Who do they think they are! WE bought our houses. If renters or other undesirables and transients wanted to live near us, they should buy a house so they have a stake in our neighborhood. Tell the city council to vote against CodeNEXT and save our neighborhood!

Opinions expressed on this site are my own personal opinions and not officially associated with the "Austin Neighborhoods Council." Although, most of my opinions will probably be the same and I completely support everything that they do to keep undesirables out of our neighborhoods!