Friday, August 31, 2018

Fake #MeToo Movement Attacks Fred McGhee!!!

Just because he told some woman in a professional setting to not get so "warm and moist," the Austin City Council is attacking the Honorable Fred McGhee with baseless accusations! It's the typical fake outrage of the #MeToo liberal elite. Fred says it eloquitly of these attacks,"You know, the typical MeToo. You’re sort of convicted before you’re even accused.” EXACTLY! WELL SAID FRED!

And to make things worse there are some mean people on Facebook that are attacking the Honorable Fred McGhee saying that he put his house in his mom's name so he can get the over 65 tax exemption to get out of paying property taxes. Or maybe he just lives with his mom. Like these are bad things! He is a crusader for the poor which you can tell is true because you can buy books on his website where he says that he is! This would be for the poors benefit if it's true! Obviously, the poors will never learn how to pull their boots up with their straps if you just "give" them "services" from taxes. The less they get, the better off they will be! What a visionary leader on this and other issues like housing - we don't want poor people to live near us, so keep all new housing in east Austin where it belongs!

Read more about these horrible attacks from the biased Austin Monitor:
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