Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Children Are Ruining Our Neighborhoods

Recently, a little house sat on the property line between 2 lots next to where I live and was sold to a developer (probably the cause of CodeNEXT somehow). We were horrified to see it go, but now hoping that building will start before CodeNEXT sets in. Under CodeNEXT, as many as 6 units could be build on these two lots and could become coops, senior living (that's what single family homes are for), or daycare facilities. Can you imagine the noise that children would bring at 3 pm in the afternoon at a daycare facility when people are trying to take their naps?! What if those smaller homes had children because the poor or people with kids could afford them because they aren't as expensive?! We've carefully crafted our current zoning rules to remove children from our neighborhoods by increasing the cost of housing to be out of reach of families. AISD enrollment has been going down for years, which has been a great success! CodeNEXT could change that and we need to stop the #CodeWreck!!!!

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