Friday, November 3, 2017

Austin Commission Goes Rogue With Irresponsible Obama Recommendations

The Planning Commission, which has been shown to be an illegal commission in a previous post, set out to cause more chaos at their November 2 meeting. There was an irresponsible resolution that passed 9-1-3 that told city staff to follow the Obama Housing Development Toolkit. Anyone that knows anything about Obama knows that he's in the pockets of big developers and wants to give our neighborhoods over to them! Obama says we should eliminate off-street parking, streamlining the permitting process, and establishing by-right development. It also puts a strong emphasis on high-density development. WRONG!

"Accumulated barriers to housing development can result in significant costs to households, local economies, and the environment" - NOT TRUE! Barriers to housing help keep our neighborhood character!

"Modernized housing regulation comes with significant benefits." - NOT TRUE! Modern regulations are bunk!

“when new housing development is limited region-wide, and particularly precluded in neighborhoods with political capital to implement even stricter local barriers, the new housing that does get built tends to be disproportionally concentrated in low-income communities of color, causing displacement and concerns of gentrification in those neighborhoods. Rising rents region-wide can exacerbate that displacement.” -NOT TRUE! Gentrification happens when you allow too much housing and people leave their neighborhoods so they don't have to live next to the types of transients that live in apartments!

The Planning Commission is not being honest with the public. If they TRULY had Austin's best interests in mind, they'd posture less at PC meetings and instead listen and learn about real land use planning. They wouldn't offer up the poorly thought-through resolutions they constantly offer up. They really don't know what they are doing. They crow loudly and dishonestly ats PC meeting for their own political gain. Their actions created way more chaos that night than it did solutions. They need to their crap together, lest they become an anchor that snags CodeNext on a reef.

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