Friday, December 15, 2017

KUT Attacks Austin Citizens As Racist - Fake News!

KUT, which has now shown it's nothing more than a biased elite blog, attacked Mary Ingle for simply caring about neighborhood character by trying to stop Austin from becoming Calcutta! Outrageous! FAKE NEWS! "Neighborhood character" is not a dog whistle for racism! Mary even said in the KUT article linked to below, "I used to teach squash at UT with all the Indian students. I love Indian people. Why would I make a racial statement?" She's even been to Calcutta and has Indian friends and so it's not even possible to be racist towards those people! Everyone knows that if you have a colored friend, then you aren't racist - and everyone should at least keep one of them around. Just because she doesn't want those types of people living around her doesn't mean she's racist. NO! Those types of people are still allowed in her neighborhood when people want a maid or roofer or whatever. What else could they want? That's plenty of opportunity for them and they don't have to live there to work there! It would be too much of a change and a hardship for the people that currently live in central Austin to be forced to live around new people that look different from them. We don't want less expensive housing options within our central Austin neighborhoods for them to live in! People don't have more opportunities if they can afford to live in high opportunity neighborhoods. That's another elite lie! We have plenty of areas in East Austin where it's perfectly fine for lower class people to live. If they want backyard trailers or apartments that they can afford, then put them where they already live around their own people! Please help stop the city council from voting on a new land development code that would change the Austin that we've spent years cultivating to get people to where they live now! Don't fall victim to the elite media like KUT and their lies!


  1. Your parodies are very funny, and like all good lampooning, contain quite a bit of pointed truth. Congrats to you for nabbing this web address. However--and I'm just throwing this out there--would you be more effective if you pulled back from going quite so far over the top?

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