Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Good Neighborhoods Should Be For Millionaires Only Says Commissioner Karen McGraw!

The best Planning Commissioner, the respected Karen McGraw AIA, is finally saying what Austin needs to hear! Like she says, we need to keep our good neighborhoods where only people making a million dollars a year or more can afford to live. We need a mix of housing where Hyde Park stays for the wealthy and other lesser people go somewhere else! It's the best way to keep our neighbors looking like us and Karen McGraw AIA! It's about time someone else white and wealthy like Karen McGraw AIA finally stands up to protect the good neighborhoods (unlike those in the east)! We've worked hard over countless years to get central Austin neighborhoods where they are today and protect them from transient lower quality people from living around us. Undesirable people live in apartments, but they don't make a million dollars a year so it's a great way to keep them in East Austin! People that live in apartments are not the types of people that we want to see when we walk around our good neighborhoods when our cleaners are cleaning our homes.

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  1. Karen McGraw of Planning Commission is a very good person and trying to do her best. Your criticisms are misguided and unfair. Stay with YOUR mission please: parodying ANC, who deserve your criticism. We must NOT support their vague litmus test for membership and the recent vote to allow the Executive BD in its sole discretion to deny membership, a transparent vehicle to deny membership to FAN, AURA, etc. I support Brian Graham of Windsor Park in his fight ag this litmus test & denying memberships. Even if you disagree with FAN,etc. what happened to the marketplace of ideas? Is the ANC BD afraid someone in the room might (gasp!) change their minds? I deplore the blatant racism, sexism, and ageism of the ANC BD, as well as their wealth and ownership based biases. I'm a white, wealthy homeowner, but how can I in good faith deny we have a housing crisis? And whose idea is it to keep home values low in East Austin so that people of color and the economically disadvantaged build no equity in their homes, thereby having less chance to break a cycle of poverty from generation to generation? ANC: if you want to be helpful volunteer to educate folks who need protection from predatory flippers and lending practices. Help lower property taxes. Ask that exemptions be increased esp. for Seniors and the Disabled. Help these groups tap into their equity to pay their taxes and stay in place. Also, I support 10-1 and CodeNEXT. ANC, you WANTED a new land code. You wanted 10-1. But now you're mad that Tarrytown & Hyde Park have far less power. Stop trying to revise history.


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