Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Austin's New Zoning Code CodeNEXT Will Cause Gentrification and Displacement!

The Neo Market Urbanists say that by allowing more housing in the better neighborhoods near the city center that would allow more people (density!) to live there and there wouldn't be the housing pressure to cause rising home prices in the less good neighborhoods. NOT TRUE! It's actually the opposite! Enough people live central already! Please get involved with your local neighborhood association and tell them to pass a resolution that asks the city to stop creating the new land development zoning code that would do this!

“We cannot vote for and we cannot continue to support a system that is largely incentivizing [large, unaffordable single-family homes] near central Austin when we could have smaller and more affordable homes; we cannot continue to support a system that is keeping working families and income restricted units out of some of our highest opportunity areas—areas where working people should have greatest opportunity to live.” - Austin Council Member Casar WRONG!

“Our current land development code encourages sprawl and has pushed families to areas where they have less access to basic services,” Garza said. “It has created an inequitable system. - WRONG! Home prices have been getting higher in central Austin, which allows for us to accumulate wealth with little effort and it works in everyone's best interest!

"Coalition of 4 council members vows to fight for CodeNEXT proposal that addresses gentrification and sprawl"

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